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Biomass Preparation, Handling & Storage Workshop

The operation and financial success of any biomass-to-energy facility requires its operators to utilize high-quality, consistent biomass feedstocks. The Biomass Preparation, Handling & Storage Workshop agenda will allow producers to take an in-depth look at the latest innovations and strategies in biomass handling and compare it to their own. Whether producers are sourcing wood chips from a handful of trusted suppliers for a campus boiler or are a biorefinery working to gather, store and convert hundreds of thousands of tons of agricultural residues, this agenda will offer practical value.

Presentations may include, but are not limited to:
  • Energy efficient particle size reduction approaches
  • Effective conveyance strategies
  • Dust management, spark detection and spark arrest
  • Preventing feedstock quality degradation
  • In-situ feedstock processing and biomass upgrading
  • Manufacturing biomass intermediates
  • Cost-effective biomass storage options and system
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General Registration

If you have any questions on registration or rates please give us a call at 866-746-8385.

Workshop Registration* $299.00

Add-on to Biomass Conference $249.00

*Price includes admission to all pre-conference events, and food and beverage, to the International Biomass Conference & Expo's Grand Opening & Welcome Reception on Monday night


Monday, February 3
Ryman Studio ABC

8:00 am – 9:00 am Breakfast
Ryman Studio L
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9:00 am – 9:30 am Handling Biomass: The Three Root Causes of Bin Hang-ups and Intermittent Discharge
  • Emma Tam, Project Engineer, Kamengo Technology Inc.
9:30 am – 10:00 am Biomass Feedstocks: Crucial Conversations
  • Steve Nelson, General Manager, Wolf Material Handling Systems
10:00 am – 10:30 am Energy Efficient Particle Size Reduction: Mechanical vs. Aerodynamic Technologies
  • Jeff Bowers, Senior Account Executive, TORXX Kinetic Pulverizer Limited
10:30 am – 11:00 am Networking Break
Ryman Studio L
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11:00 am - 11:30 am Densification of Non-Wood Biomass for Long Distance Transport
  • Wendy Owens, Founder & CEO, Hexas Biomass LLC
11:30 am – Noon Pipeline Hydro-Transport of Biomass Feedstock
  • Mahdi Vaezi, Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Technology, Northern Illinois University
Noon – 12:30 pm Strategies for Wood Processing Optimization
  • Desmond Smith, Sales Manager, Bruks Rockwood
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch
Ryman Studio L
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1:30 pm – 2:00 pm Changes to NFPA Standards for Fire and Explosion Prevention
  • Jeff Davis, Sr. Engineering Manager, Conversion Technology Inc.
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm Drying Organic vs Inorganic Material
  • Becky Long, Dryer Design Engineer, Thompson Dryers
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm Strategic Partnership to Address Material Handling and Reactor Feeding Challenges in the Biomass Industry
  • Carrie Hartford, Senior Project Engineer, Jenike & Johanson Inc.
  • Jonathan Stickel, Senior Research Engineer, National Renewable Energy Lab
3:00 pm – 3:30 pm Networking Break
Ryman Studio L
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3:30 pm – 4:00 pm Storage Strategies for Feedstocks: Non-Traditional Approaches
  • Jayant Khambekar, Senior Consultant, Jenike & Johanson Inc.
4:00 pm – 4:30 pm Safer Handling of Biomass Pellets
  • Derek Stuart, Global Product Manager, AMETEK Land
4:30 pm – 5:00 pm Intensified Continuous Biomass Treatment by Twin Screw Extrusion
  • Lionel Danos, Biomass, Pulp & Paper Engineering and Project Manager, Clextral France
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Grand Opening & Welcome Reception for the International Biomass Conference & Expo
Ryman Exhibit Hall C1

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